I am a freelance photographer based in West Yorkshire in the UK but available to travel anywhere.
I photograph people. Commissions, portraits, documentary, reportage, photojournalism, events and occasions.
Before moving into photography, I was a graphic design professional and partner in a business for 25 plus years. I am able to fully understand and implement clients' requirements and add a creative touch in whatever I undertake.
I am good with people so that means I am able to quickly connect with my subjects and get results in any situation. I have boundless energy to give to my work.
Contact me on +44 (0)7738 291158 or email pphiljackson8@me.com
Photo courtesy Richard Benton
Ciao tutti
The action of photography is my passion. The thrill of the moment. The connection with the scene. The energy emitted by the people. The impact people make on the scene. The framing of it all in an instant.

I am influenced and energised by people. Not necessarily great photographers or great people, just people. People I meet and connect with who inspire and energise me.

I always feel that I’m at the start of a journey filled with the excitement of the possibilities of what is to come.

Phil Jackson
Avanti FOTO
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