Edward Hill & Co

A wool processing mill still thriving in Bradford? Surely not

Edward Hill & Son Ltd is a UK wool production business that still operates in a narrow sleeve of land in Bradford city centre called Goitside. A part The business, run and managed by Mark Hill, carries on a near two hundred year old tradition in Hollings Mill, a site formerly owned and operated Sir Titus Salt. Following his departure from the mill, Salt went on to create world-famous Saltaire.
The mill was built in 1824 and has survived many recessions and fires to nearby mills. It is possibly the last remaining wool processing mill in central Bradford, an area which once overflowed with such businesses and for over 100 years was a world capital of wool production.
In spite of the massive decline in wool production and manufacture in Bradford and West Yorkshire, the company still thrives and receives deliveries of all kinds of wool for processing from various corners of the globe

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