Belonging - uniforms, behaviours and tribes

People are, on the whole, tribal by nature. We consciously or unconsciously align ourselves to one group or another, or to one section of society or another. Even those who see themselves as ‘individual’ often dress and act akin to others.

Throughout my life this idea has often appeared in my thoughts. We wear what amounts to uniforms that help us to feel comfortable about who we are and what we’re about. We strive to ‘fit in’ through the way we act and speak. We dress and act to suit our ideas and identity. Consciously or unconsciously.

In making these images, as well as obvious dress similes, I became aware of people acting the same, walking in step and speaking in the same way. In fact, I was surprised at just how much this occurred. To illustrate this and emphasise the point, I mixed the viewpoints. So, in some of the images, the personality is removed to emphasise behaviour.

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