These more intimate and close-up portraits complement my informal-formal style pictures. I endeavour to make this an enjoyable experience for all and I'm careful not to take up all your time so that you and your guests can continue to celebrate.
The challenge with photographing portraits is to quickly make a connection, build a rapport and so reduce self-consciousness. The result of this empathy makes for more subtlety and emotion in the pictures as well as supporting a mood of celebration for those at the event. 
Working in this way with people is one of my favourite aspects of my work and also allows me to look for moments, priceless unplanned and intimate cameo moments which catch my eye and really add to the quality and depth of your final collection. 
“Phil’s particular skill lies in capturing people in the moment. He has a gift for connecting with people and, through this gift, is able to get them to reveal part of themselves.” 
Richard benton